Pre-Requisites & Enrolment Process

For training with the Guild, the following applies:

All GTi course with a practical element requires the Professional Standards for Therapists course to be completed first.  It requires to be done, only once, and is free with any of our practical courses.

Once you have paid for your course, I will enrol you with the Guild and you will receive a link to take you to the Guild website, where you will be able to register if you have not previously done any Guild Practical Course.  If you have done previous GTi training, you will be required to log in, to activate the course on your account.

Your course modules will be released to you when the Professional Standards for Therapists Course is complete.  When you are finished the theory element of your practical course, you will need to click-through to the Training Centre to obtain your practical code.  We will require the practical code before your training day, to complete your course.

From 1st May 2018

A new category of membership is issued, which means a student becomes a GTi Student Member, which will cost £25+VAT.  This includes the cost of the Professional Standards for Therapists Course if you do not already have it.

The benefits of this membership are the following:

  • Upgrading to a full member within 3 months of student membership, will benefit from a £25 reduction from the Full Guild membership and insurance cost.  This will mean that they will be able to upgrade to Full member, including insurance for just £70+VAT
  • Subscription to the Guild Gazette magazine and Guid Gazette digital magazine.
  • Proof of trade status for some wholesalers.
  • Access to online advertising on
  • Free CPD modules.

If a student does not complete their course within 3 months, they will be required to renew the  Student Membership, but the course which has been enrolled on, can be completed in your own time, even if the student membership has lapsed.

If a student who has competed a GTi course wants to enrol on another GTi course once their student membership is lapsed, they have 3 membership options available:

  1. They can renew their GTi Student Membership for another 3 months.
  2. They can take out Associate Guild membership without insurance.
  3. They can apply for Full Guild Membership with insurance.
    (these prices include the £10 discount which the student gets for using the school’s referral code)


School Referral Code for Full Memberships.  Add it when you register, so that you don’t forget when you upgrade.