Meditation Practitioner Training Course – IPHM Accredited


Qualification Obtained

The Therapy Courses Certificate of Meditation Practice

Accredited by the IPHM

Accreditation Number IPHMNC12956

Entry Requirements

  • No previous experience required.
  • The Therapy Courses Certificate in Meditation Practice.


    Learn how to incorporate meditation into your treatments for clients in classes and treatments for meditation.

    In this course, you will learn to:

    Breath Effectively
    Use your breath to help clients relax and control their own breathing.  By using breathing exercises, we begin meditation training by learning how to breathe properly, in order to help our clients.

    Cleanse Spaces
    Learn how to cleanse your working space by cleansing the corners, and all sides of the room.  Using different physical implements, we may use sage smudge sticks, a singing bowl or angelic tuning forks to help us create a healing space to carry out a safe and welcoming environment for meditating with clients.

    Techniques and Exercises
    Learn how to use meditation exercises, chants and lore, to effectively carry out meditation treatments with your clients, and learn how to develop your own meditation passages.

    Learn how to be the guide for your clients, helping to take them on a powerful but safe journey of the mind, with the inclusion of chakras, spirit animals and the power of positive thinking on the psyche.



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