Reiki & Seichem Master Training Course – IPHM Accredited


Qualification Obtained

The Therapy Courses Reiki Master Certificate in Practice will be obtained after completing the Reiki Master Training Course in Aberdeen.

Accredited by the IPHM

Accreditation Number IPHMNC12956

Entry Requirements

  • Reiki 1& 2 Required.


    Learn how to take your Reiki healing to the next level with this Masters level course.   This may be different from the form of Reiki you have previously been used to, as it included Seichem.  If your Reiki 1+2 does not include the Seichem element, please get in touch to discuss the upskilling of your current method of Reiki.

    • You will receive your e-certificate in the form of a PDF and PNG on the day of training.
    • There are no case studies required with Reiki 1 & 2 or Reiki 3 (Reiki Master) Training.
    • Attunements for Reiki must be in person, which means attendance at the training venue in Aberdeen, to complete the course.
    • For the Reiki Master training, you must already be a Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner.
    • Training is 1 day in the training room, and there are no written exams.
    • Perfect to upskill your treatment menu.
    • The Training manual is copyright and you will have to write your own manual if you choose to do your own courses after attending this course, however we recommend 1-2 years of practice before becoming a teacher.  You would also be required to obtain a teaching qualification in order to do so.

    Reiki / Seichem

    Reiki is performed by using the healing hands  method of laying on the hands while clients remain fully clothed on a treatment couch, the floor, or seated in a chair.   The person performing Reiki channels energy as a conduit, to enable the receive to help themselves to heal the body, mind and spirit.

    Clients can be family, friends, children and animals, while permission should be sought for carrying out the practice.

    Reiki is the more well known attunement to the Earth and its energy, while Seichem includes the elements of air, fire and water, so that all four elements can be used as part of the healing energy process.



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